Terms & Conditions

Charter procedures

1. Application

Please fill in the application, giving full details, exact dates and location of handover and return, type of vessel, passenger number, as well as any other requests you may have.

Applications for day-trips are mainly scheduled on weekdays. One-day charters on Saturday or Sunday are arranged after special agreement.

2. Reservation

Please confirm your reservation as requested during our contact. Your reservation remains valid for 3 days and is then cancelled automatically unless otherwise agreed. Payment of the security deposit is required in order to complete the booking.

Upon booking confirmation, you receive a copy of the charter contract together with some useful information regarding the rental of the vessel you have selected.

Please send us the following required documents:

A copy of your national identity card (both sides).
A copy of your speed boat driver license.
Data for the issuance of payment receipts.

3. Payments

Upon confirmation of reservation, an advance payment of 50% of the total fare is required within a period of three days.

The balance payment must be done within three days before the first day of rental.

In case of one-day bookings, the total fare is payable in advance.

The amounts charged for extra services or expenses should be paid as part of the balance payment.

All payments can be made by credit card or by deposit to PAROSDISE’s bank account.

Personal checks are not accepted.

Please send the receipt of payment with your name and surname.

In case of payment by credit card, fill in and send us the debit authorization of your credit card.

4. Warranty

PAROSDISE provides comprehensive insurance for all its vessels in order to provide you with the best possible coverage. In order to complete the rental and the departure procedure, a damage deposit is required depending on the type of vessel. The deposit is returned at the end of the rental period and following the final control carried out after delivery of the vessel.

5. Weather conditions

The chartering and the departure of the vessels take place normally if the prevailing winds at the reception point do not exceed the scale of 6 Beaufort and after permission of the port authorities.

In case of bad weather conditions, which do not allow the vessel to leave port according to the agreed schedule, the fare corresponding to the days of delay is deducted from the total amount due, if the days of delay do not exceed ¼ of the total rental duration.

In case of bad weather conditions, which do not allow the vessel to leave port according to the agreed schedule and when the days of delay exceed ¼ of the total rental duration, chartering is postponed to another date, when the vessel of your choice is available.

6. Cancellation Policy

PAROSDISE applies the following rules in cases of charter cancellation, depending on the time period between the cancellation date and the chartering date.

Postponement of charter to another date when the same vessel type is available, if cancellation is made up to 20 days before the scheduled departure.
Retention of deposit, if cancellation is made less than 20 days before the scheduled departure.

PAROSDIES commits itself to postpone the rental days to a different date, if the same vessel is chartered for the same period and under the same conditions.

7. Departure

Two days before departure, we must have been notified of the desired time of departure of the vessel, according to your schedule.

Upon arrival to a predetermined handover point, you will be asked to sign all necessary documents for the rental of the vessel and to settle any outstanding payment issues.

The tenant of the vessel should necessarily have with him the original as well as a copy of the speed boat driver licence, national identity card and credit card.

Ath the time of handover of the vessel you will be given a detailed presentation of the vessel and its equipment. You will be also asked to sign the statement of acceptance of the vessel and the equipment list handed to you. In addition, you will be provided with detailed information concerning safety and security procedures and the use of the vessel and its documents / licenses which are handed to you. You will receive the vessel with full tanks of fuel and water, in ordre to further facilitate the procedure.

It should be noted that the above actions can take place at our premises at any time before departure, upon request of the tenant, in order not to waste much time on the day of departure.

8. Return

The return to the point of delivery of the vessel takes place at the predetermined time. At the time of delivery the condition of the vessel and of its equipment is thoroughly checked. The vessel must be delivered by the tenant with a full tank of fuel. We undertake to refuel the vessel at the nearest service station. Fuel costs are borne exclusively by the tenant.

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