Why rent a boat ?

Parosdise knows

Are you asking yourself why to rent a boat?

  1. There is no need to spend a considerable amount to buy a speedboat
  2. No need for boat ownership and all costs of services, parking and taxes
  3. No need to worry about licenses – diplomas etc.
  4. The vessels are always ready for use / rent
  5. You use beautiful and well maintained boats Modern and approved equipment on-board
  6. Life jackets & safety briefing for everyone by experienced trainers

You do not need experience to drive a speedboat

For our esteem clients who do not have previous experience

in driving and sailing a speedboat there is nothing to worry about. Our professional instructors provide full training before the beginning of your trip.

On board equipment

Lifejackets, coastal maps, parachute flares,

medicine box, fire extinguisher, navigation lights, VHF radio communication, water pump)

Parosdise offers once in a life time, experience!

Parosdise offers speedboats for hire, and this is a great opportunity for YOU,

your friend and family, to add variety together with an unforgettable excitement on your vacations.

Our company offers you the opportunity to visit some or the wonders of Halkidiki which are accessible only by boat (e.g. the island of Kelyfos) while swimming in the crystal clear waters of its famous blue sea, in private, is a unique, once in a life time, experience!

Why choose Parosdise?

Paroside is a well-established rent a boat company which commenced operations in 2012 in the small graphical island of Paros, Greece.

Our company was established by its owners as a physical continuance of their activation for a long time, in the same field of business, the rent a boat!

Aliki is located on the south side of Paros Island and lies on a beautiful coastline with many beaches and places to visit by boat.

We are professionally organized company and there for we care about YOU! We have built a beach base and we also have a safety boat available, so we can get quickly to you in case you might need any kind of assistance.

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