Before Cruise, Make Sure

  • Engine and boat is in a good condition.
  • Boat has all safety equipment
  • Someone knows where you are going and where you are anytime
  • Tank is full and you know how many miles you can do
  • There is a mobile phone charger or vhf on the boat. If the mobile do not get connected, call 112 and tell them what is wrong. PLEASE only if it is emergency.
  • Watch the weather report to make sure the weather is good.
  • Nobody on the boat is drunk.
  • Everybody has a life jacket on, especially the children.

Starting the boat

  • Put the engine in the water.
  • Make sure you have on your hand the quick stop.
  • Make sure you have no gear on because the engine will not start.
  • Make sure nobody is standing on the boat , everyone has to be sitting down any time during cruise.

While you drive

  • At first go slowly and speed up after a while.
  • Don’t drive the boat to the limit.
  • Never go close to the beach. Keep 200 meters away.
  • Never go behind of other boats or ships, or to the waves they make.
  • If another boat is facing you, go to the right.
  • If another boat is crossing you always go to the back of it, never to the front.
  • Always and everyone on the boat is looking at the front.
  • If you see balloons on the water while you drive, that means there is people scuba diving, keep away.
  • When coming close to a beach where there is people swimming, slow down, maximum speed 5 knots.
  • When using the anchor, make sure the sea is not very deep.( Max 20 meters) You have to see the bottom. Then the rope of the anchor has to be triple than the deep.
  • Never let the boat alone. Always captain has to be on it.
  • When the color of the sea is dark blue that means the sea is deep. When the color is light blue it’s shallow. Slow down, watch out for rocks on the top of the water. You can recognize them easily (the color of the sea changes to dark grey, green, black). If you drive to the directions we have told you , do not worry.

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